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Our Commitment

Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy
Partnering with Local Communities

Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy

Labrador Iron Mines Limited (LIM) and its management are committed to conducting operations in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. LIM has adopted an Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy to express its commitment to the environment and the local communities in which it works. This commitment to sustainable development is achieved through the undertaking of its programs in a manner which balances environmental, economic, technical, and social issues.

To implement this policy and its commitment to such principles and practices, LIM applies appropriate pollution prevention principles and environmental risk management practices throughout its activities on its mineral properties.

LIM and its contractors are required to conduct their work and operate the facilities in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In the absence of legislation, LIM applies professional best management practices to support environmental protection at all sites, minimize risks to human health and the environment, and achieve environmental protection to levels at or above industry standards or best practices. To support the development of responsible environmental laws, policies and regulations, LIM works cooperatively with the local communities, industry and regulators.

LIM has developed and will implement closure and reclamation plans that advance long-term environmental recovery and provide suitable post-closure land-use incorporating consideration of the long-term vision of local communities. Wherever possible, LIM encourages economic and educational development in the communities, during project assessment, development, operation and post-closure and supports initiatives to design and implement operating practices which advance the efficient sourcing and use of materials and energy.

LIM considers environmental performance as an important factor of its management and employee review process and provides training, resources and staffing so that all employees, contractors and suppliers understand, and are able to conduct their work, in accordance with the Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy. To encourage continual improvement, LIM conducts routine assessments of projects to identify areas of non-compliance with the Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy, and create and implement corrective action.

LIM commits to the establishment of effective communications relating to environmental and social issues with employees, regulators, stakeholders and communities and to addressing environmental and social concerns in a timely and effective manner.


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