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Kivivic 1 & 2 Deposits

The Kivivic deposit is located about 43km northwest of Schefferville. The access to the Kivivic deposits is by way of a 21 km all-season road northwest, the same road that leads to the Howse deposit, and 29-km seasonal road to the property.

It is contemplated that the Kivivic deposits will be developed in the third phase of mine development due to its distance from existing infrastructure, although it is accessible by the existing road network.


Kivivic 1. The structure of Kivivic 1 is believed to be a faulted syncline. The average depth of the deposit is about 43m and the maximum depth greater than 61m. The deposit consists of more than 75% blue ore. The massive siliceous hematite iron formation (hematite quartzite) is most often found in those areas showing hematite enrichment approaching ore grade. Limonite and goethite mineralization is found on the east margin of the otherwise hematitic Pinnacle Ore body in Quebec. At other occurrences limonite and goethite debris occurs near the periphery of the enrichment.

Kivivic 2. The structure of Kivivic 2 is a multiple syncline. The average depth of the deposit is about 46m and the maximum depth 75m. The deposit consists of more than 75% blue ore.

Kivivic Deposit


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