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Health & Safety Policy

Labrador Iron Mines Limited (LIM) and its management are committed to conducting operations in a professional manner in pursuit of excellence in business practices and in compliance with all applicable health and safety legislation. LIM has adopted a Health and Safety Policy to express its commitment to its own employees and contractor workforce. LIM is further committed to conducting its operations in a manner that delivers maximum health and safety protection of workers as well as the general public.

In support of excellent business practices, LIM is committed to providing positive avenues for dialogue, communication and training to work in cooperation with employee representatives from health and safety committees, supervisory personnel, workers and contractors to ensure proper understanding and competency to safely and efficiently perform the work assigned. LIM further works in cooperation with government representatives and regulatory agencies on all matters related to health and safety compliance.

Routine monitoring and reporting of health and safety performance forms a key part of LIM stewardship and management systems. Where appropriate and necessary LIM takes proactive corrective action to ensure health and safety objectives are attained in support of the overall corporate plan and related regulatory obligations. LIM includes health and safety performance as an important factor of its management and employee review process and provides training, resources and staffing so that all employees, contractors and suppliers understand, and are able to conduct their work, in accordance with this Health and Safety Policy.

All LIM executives and their employees and contractors are expected to fulfil their duties and exercise their individual and collective responsibilities in a manner that supports defined health and safety goals and clearly demonstrates compliance with LIM policies, procedures, applicable laws, regulations and industry standards.


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